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Kuwait is know for it's oil, and believe it or not this country is very rich. Some of it's most visited tourist sites is the Kuwait Towers, Failaka island, and the Red Palace. whatever you do don't eat pig! Because you will be killed, and I'm serious to. The women wear cloths around their head for traditional customs, and the guys wear turbans and other cloths around their heads and also they wear traditional robes. And the ruler is the Prime Minister, most people speak Arabic and the major religion is Islam. And the population is 2,335,648. The name for Kuwait's money is called dinar and the exchange rate is that 1 US dollar is equal to 3.42 dinars.

Hello, and welcome to my website, this website is focused directly on the country Kuwait which is on the continent of Asia, and a site on it's capital Kuwait City. Kuwait is all about the arabian like culture. from the palaces to the desert like region. This placed is packed with fun places to visit. For more info, three other websites you can go to for info on Kuwait are and

Kuwait is awesome! Especially Failak Island which is very fun because of the coast line on the Persian Gulf. Another fun site is the Red Palace wh ich has a significant role in the history of liberating Failaka Island. And the last great tourist area I will talk about are the Kuwait Towers which supply Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait, with electricity and water, it is one of The tallest places in the world.


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